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No Apologies –not now– not ever

Before I rant I’d like to point out a new link in my Blog roll Another Black Conservative Clifton B does a hell of a job sticking up for black conservatives and non-racist whites. Yes we both exist. Thanks Clifton

Sorry Gotta Rant

Clifton pointed out some bubble headed buffoon named David Neiwert from the liberal blog Crooks and Liars who doesn’t think white guys should quote Dr. King.

I will quote any body I damn well please, and not apologize.

My heros are the people  that stand/stood up for the issues of their day like Dr. King, like Jefferson, like Gandhi, like Washington, like Palin, like Beck. get over it

Today’s Patriot award goes to Clifton B


The patriot award

Today’s Dumbass is David Neiwert


Dumbass Award

H/T Daley Gator


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