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You can run but You can’t hide

A Rambling sort of Rant

Let me go on record and point out that this just feels wrong

The gasses the EPA now regulates

  • carbon dioxide
  • methane
  • nitrous oxide
  • hydrofluorocarbons HFCs
  • perfluorocarbons PFCs
  • sulfur hexafluoride

Two of the gasses HFCs and PFCs are the gasses we had to switch to, to save the Ozone Layer because CFCsr22 will destroy ozone.

Coincidence #1: Dow’s patent on r22 was about to expire.

Guess who had invented replacements for r22 … yup

HFCs and PFCs replaced r22 and were discovered to be greenhouse gases

Coincidence #2: Guess who makes the replacement   R410a 

Coincidence #3: A patent lasts 14 years. 14 years before Copenhagen was the Vienna summit on Ozone

Coincidence #4: Guess who makes the energy star air conditioner that already uses R410a

It is begining to look like global warming was caused by the ban on r22.

just sayin


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  1. Got ya now!


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