No way will I pass this up


After last weeks laugh we had at the expense of David Brooks.  Fox dropped a great story in my lap and I cant pass on it.

Brooks wonders why we don’t trust the “educated class”

Fox reports

Scientists Learn Why Fido Circles the Bowl

They have discovered a genetic disorder like OCD, “canine compulsive disorder,” or CCD.


This only cost $70,000.

They circle the bowl because they are DOGS

Dogs don’t think like people.Dogs trust their noses more eyes, we are the opposite. A dog will smell each ingredient in the food, we smell one scent(dog food). If it was CDC they would also circle the water bowl. They don’t.

I’ll bet the 6 schools that worked on this study never tested a water bowl.

Dogs also store things in memory differently. Throw a dog two cookies he will eat the second cookie first.Why? Its a dog and thats how they do things.

Some body deserves my Dumb ass of the day Award but I can’t decide.

I think I’ll just give my dog a pat on the head and a cookie.


2 Responses

  1. Is there any way to send this information to them – or the boards of review at the universities – or the million dollar contributors – OR better yet -the parents of the students that pay the outrageous tuitions at these schools!!

    I also wonder if they used standard scientific procedures such as control groups (i.e. dogs w/o CDC) and do all dogs do this – circle their bowl – (I think they do – unless they have been starved) – or maybe the ones that don’t circle have brain or chromosome damage???

    I think that so many of these accedemic intellectuals have been so socially and culturally inbred that common sense and real world observation has been totally lost to them.

    Dan Butler

  2. Wonderful observation, but why not as you are my son. Almost fifty years ago, as a beginning English teacher and a very young father, i wrote down 10 observations concerning the way children learn their native language. My observations came from observing my two young sons (you being one) and by ovserving the children of my friends. Twenty years later I came across a small book that told about various research projects funded partly by the Feds in which university researchers had studied how children learn their native languages. Of my twenty observations (mentioned above) fifteen of them were in the booklet, and agreed with my observations.

    Total Cost of the Fed funded research: $20,000
    Total Cost of my observations: $00.000

    Nothing surprises me any more.


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