HARRY’S PASS for his Negro comment

I will not jump onboard with the Reid must step down crowd . I did not think Lott needed to over the Strom Thurman complement.

I can’t do a God Damn thing about the Liberals hypocrisy on this issue, it was expected,predictable, and executed according to plan.

(dance puppets dance)

I do however have control over my hypocrisy, and I choose to stay consistent.

prediction: In 20 years “African-American” will be considered a raaaacist term.

Another Black Conservative  has his take here and I don’t really care about any body else’s  opinion.

update: this was posted at 8:50am Sarah Palin made her FOX debut at 8:00pm She seems to be taking the same stance that I am.(just thought that was neat)


One Response

  1. Just another passing fade for the black community – once whites get comfortable or the community isn’t getting enough attention the terms will change again.

    Similarly, the current obsession for black artists and their lifestyles (created by music producers and promoters and everyone else who sees a way to profit from it – which I have no problem with – it’s the content of the music and what it promotes I have the problem with) should make the artists extremely happy, however if Konye West is a typical example – the anger instilled by some parts of the black community will never go away.

    I’m not usually that PC – I thought I did a good job with that – Probably not – I’m Konye and the brothers in his hood could find plenty of fault! Even that statement is probably long outdated…….

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