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There seems to be a kink in the siphon

Michelle Malkin has a great post:

House ethics committee foxes guard the corruptocrat henhouse

We all remember Pelosi promising to “drain the swamp”

she lied

Number of people punished by the House ethics committee


We the voters  are the only real ethics commitee and we will meet next November

Problem solved


One Response

  1. Great post and a great link – again!!

    When will rank and file members of the Democrat party quit blindly following their leaders and open their eyes? Does the entire country have to collapse around their heads for them to get it? Many (if not most) of their leaders are cheats, liars and theives!

    I’m talking about the Dem voters that actually pay taxes and aren’t part of the political class. I guess when I called them rank and file I got it correct.

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