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I found a link on facebook that lead me to KRUMBRUC’E DAILY RANT BLOG

It turns out this is an old high school buddy that I haven’t seen for 30 years.

How two old drinking buddies seperated by 5 states and 30 years can have so many of the same opinions is beyond me.

Today Bruce analyzed the political leanings of his pets, cracked me up.

I think Bruce deserves a Patriot Award

The patriot award


One Response

  1. See something(s) special did happen at Cmore lake other than drunken debachery – something in the atmosphere? Surely it wasn’t the school system Bruce wasn’t there that long.

    Must have been me!! I know everyone who turned out “Right” from our neck of the woods. Oh yeah, I know a few that were “Left” behind when it came to common political sense too.

    Keep making us think and laugh Phil,


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