What am I bitchin about?

Last week I was mad about fixin a broken water pipe in South GA

Today I found this and it kinda puts stuff in perspective.


Weeks ago, darkness fell around the Arctic circle, and people there are beginning to yearn for some sunshine. Claus Vogel of Baffin Island, Canada, couldn’t wait any longer, so on Jan. 17th he went out hunting for the sun accompanied by his dog Hero.

“At this time of year, the Arctic sun is so low on the horizon, the mountains block its view. So Hero and I climbed Mt Duval to feel its warm rays on our face for the first time in 2010. We trekked through knee-deep snow, scaled a mountainside, and endured temperatures of -35 oC. It was all worth it! The things we do to see the sun…”

Back down in town (Pangnirtung), notes Vogel, people won’t feel direct sunlight until mid-February. He and Hero are already planning their next sun-hunt.

Yeah I feel a little silly


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