Cautiously Optimistic

I hope Scott Brown is the Real Deal

The “Every Senator is the 41st Senator” comment earned him a lot of brownie points in my opinion.

I will not invest any emotional energy in Mr Brown.  Washington can devour an honest man and spit a politician back atcha.

Bruce is playing it cautious too.

O and The order of the sleepless knights clearly didn’t get the message sent by the Massachusetts race.

None of the closed door deals have been canceled and until that happens its all ass smoke.

I must say that watching the Liberal elite while they try to figure out how to outsmart the regular folk is a hoot.

The Patriot Award goes to

The Massachusetts Voters

Patriot Award

The Don’t Blink Award goes to


Dont Blink Award

The Golden Dandelion goes to

Scott Brown

Golden Dandelion


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