The sky isn’t falling

Palin will campaign for McCain???

some not to happy

Savor the irony: After a career spent bashing the right flank of the party, Sen. McCain is now clinging to its coattails to save his incumbent hide.

1.One of the things that I find compelling about Sarah is that in many ways she is a “regular person”.

2. Sarah only campaigns where invited.

It is safe to assume that John asked Sarah for help.

Regular people  help friends that ask for it.

When Gov. Palin  decides to divide “friends” into (people like me)and (others), she stops being Sarah and morphs into  Rahm.

I much prefer the kind and human Sarah, hacks are a dime a dozen.

Today I  award a White hibiscus to Sarah’s “woman in the mirror”


Holy crap another shot across the bow? or does shit happen?

Doctor’s Office Hit By Meteorite near D.C.

when I’m wrong I admit it


3 Responses

  1. Sarah Palin is right to campaign for McCain. You may not like all his positions. However like what Palin said, he was a key factor in stopping for now death care, ( I am sure Palin & McCain were working together on this as well in helping Scott Brown win in Massachusetts) he for free enterprise, strong national defense, etc. Those pundits on the “Right” are either trashing Palin’s support for McCain because they have another Presidential horse or they don’t get the big picture…We are in a war to save our country. McCain is still an important piece to help save it & General Palin being the artful, masterful political strategists gets it.

  2. What!? Are you trying to say that it’s fine that Palin is supporting notorious RINO John McCain against a conservative challenger because that shows she’s kind and human? The mind boggles. The only reason McCain isn’t Obama’s 60th vote right now is that he needs to get past the Republican primary to stay in the senate. If we’re going to put niceness ahead of principle while the left is doing what it’s doing, then we are bringing candy to a gun fight. Sarah’s lost my vote except if she actually gets the nomination in 2012 and I’ll be holding my nose then. I supported her before.

    • Robert trust Palin’s instincts. By next week the liberal op eds will all be talking about a split between Palin and the Tea Party groups , let them ,they will be wrong but let them have their happy dance. In Nov J.D. will win and they will be SHOCKED.

      Sarah can take the high road by not campaigning against a friend, and we will stil win.

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