Oil spill My 2 cents

I was beginning to really doubt the competence of BP’s engineers until I saw the President on Larry King. The One claims to have sent 100 scientist to the Gulf to “look over the shoulder of the engineers” . Gee that will help.

My idea for a cap.

My oil cap

My oil cap


  • A: 5 to 9 valved hose connections(left open until cap is installed, then suction hoses that go to surface can be connected.)
  • B: high pressure venturi nozzels (used during installation only)
  • C: riser pipe (12 to 18  inches)
  • D: wedging clamps (secure the flanges)
  • E: guide pins (line the flanges up)

In my opinion the reasons this has dragged  on for 46 days is that nobody has the balls to admit it will have to get worse before it gets better. That and a total lack of rednecks trying to fix it , one old pipe fitter will make better calls than a room full of P.H.Ds. Uneducated and incompetent are not synonyms don’t pretend they are.

Solution no 2

Tell Exxon they can have the lease if the can stop the leak in the next 72hrs.


Q: Why are more people protesting BP stations than volunteering to help with the clean up.

A: self evident

I have no respect for the people taking pictures of birds sitting in the sludge.  Get the bird, put him in the boat, and then take the picture.


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