was this a joke? read it here

I’ve had smoke blown up my ass before.  This pledge was clearly ass smoke.

At best its a lame attempt to tell the grass-roots “We hear you”but its a miss.  A quick look at any web site where The grass-roots can make suggestions on how to fix the Country.  No.1 is always cut congressional salaries .  That aint in there.

One more thing : The pledge is 21 pages long,  say what you mean in 1000 words or less and cut the ass smoke. The pundits will want the specifics , specifics can come later.

OK I lied one more thing : Penalties Every thing that is past in Congress includes the penalties for non compliance .  Where are the penalties in The Pledge? The Leadership that made this pledge should promise not to seek reelection in 2012 if this Pledge is not followed to the letter.


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