Pedictions: just for the hell of it

The oil spill

The Administration needs a win and BP will give it to them.

The MSM has already reported that Obama insisted on two relief wells, not just the one that BP offered to drill.  I predict the second well we be the one that succeeds in stopping the flow of the oil.


The Administration will withdraw its opposition to the Arizona Law and then take credit for reducing illegal immigration.


No No No a thousand times No

I don’t get to say this often, so I really enjoy it when I do

Rush is Wrong

El Rushbo believes the road to victory in 2010 requires “Republican unity”.

Limbaugh’s defense of Michael Steeles’ recent comments on Afghanistan boil down to this.

entire issue is more of a distraction and a division point during a march towards a victory that Republicans should win if they remain unified.

The reason voters think that the parties “are alike” is because the parties

are alike.

I’m not talking about tax policy or spending, I’m talking about the acceptance of Weasels in the party and the unwillingness to “clean your own house”

If the GOP is not willing to accept the short term losses that come with ridding the Party of Weasels, Rinos, and the corrupt, then they will forever be the mirror image of the DNC.

Sinking the OX

It appears somebody has been collecting dirt on John Oxendine for quite a while.

250 pages wound up at Red State. From those pages, you can see the basis of the first attack will be competence. John Oxendine says he has been fighting for Georgia’s insured, but in fact he’s allowed our insurance rates to skyrocket. Also in the binder is a compilation showing campaign contributions to John Oxendine with subsequent rate increases for companies related to the source of funds.

27 days before the primaries

Ox’s past is catchin up

I for one couldn’t be happier

I’ll be glad when Georgia is  weasel free

Close but no Cigar

Today I feel like Screaming at my my Home team

Hot Air reports:Darrell Issa ready to send dozens of investigators after Dems if GOP retakes House




Mr Issa you just accomplished three things

1:you earned a weasel

big fat weasel

Weasel Award

2: You showed us you aint listening.

3:You proved that you should not be the house leader.

Now had you promised to send “dozens of investigators after (democrats and republicans) ” I could have proudly stood with you.

You always clean out your own house first.

Hey I know what comes next.

But… But…. what if we lose the house?

Well then we lose the house.

But we lose lose a house that is a little cleaner than when we took it.

Get a pair

Man up

Flaring the oil???

What the hell are they thinking?

If the oil will burn it will boil water,>steam can turn a turbine (turbines),> free electricity for  gulf residents until the spill is contained.

This would in no way repair BP’s image, but good faith is good faith and should not be ignored.

While I’m venting (and vent I must)

By day 3 of the spill BP and it partners should have been the largest employer in the south.  They should have offered $10-$12-$15 per hour to anybody in LA,MS,AL,and FLA to fight the spill . They could have rented every available motel room on the beach to house the workers and trained hundreds of rapid response teams to keep the oil off the beaches.  Instead they are paying people that cant work because of the spill and  paying for rooms that tourists won’t lease. Again good faith is good faith

Plus the oil industry would have a pool of trained workers to contact in the event of another spill.

Other weird spill related crap

Dumb ass Award

The $20 billion fund

BP agreed to “set aside” $20 billion in U.S. assets as a guarantee that it would make good on the promised $20 billion in cash by 2013.

Thats right a promise to pay in $20B by 2013, plus Obama’s Pay czar gets to administer the account.

Enter the next Flying Monkey”

President Obama tapped his Navy Secretary Ray Mabus as the new oil spill recovery czar.

Mabus ? really? boy that should keep the conspiracy nuts busy.  The Nostradamus crowd must be buzzin.  Just sayin.  I ‘ll let yall google that one yourself.

Meanwhile the

Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard

The Coast Guard needed to confirm that there were fire extinguishers and life vests on board

Dumb ass Award

meanwhile 16 barges sat idle. go figure

Obama’s plan $7 gasoline

Dumb ass Award

30 years later

In 1980 I had a job with a crew that built the towers that splits Natural Gas into its components.

One day when we were starting production on one rig I was sent 90 feet up stare at a gauge for 45 minutes ( it never moved.. not one bit). I always felt that my lead man Rocky had punked me.

Today while checking the live feeds from the oil spill I saw a multimillion dollar rover “Ocean Intervention III– ROV 2” watching a gauge, and that is the only thing it did for quite a while.

I don’t feel so stupid any more

Oil spill My 2 cents

I was beginning to really doubt the competence of BP’s engineers until I saw the President on Larry King. The One claims to have sent 100 scientist to the Gulf to “look over the shoulder of the engineers” . Gee that will help.

My idea for a cap.

My oil cap

My oil cap


  • A: 5 to 9 valved hose connections(left open until cap is installed, then suction hoses that go to surface can be connected.)
  • B: high pressure venturi nozzels (used during installation only)
  • C: riser pipe (12 to 18  inches)
  • D: wedging clamps (secure the flanges)
  • E: guide pins (line the flanges up)

In my opinion the reasons this has dragged  on for 46 days is that nobody has the balls to admit it will have to get worse before it gets better. That and a total lack of rednecks trying to fix it , one old pipe fitter will make better calls than a room full of P.H.Ds. Uneducated and incompetent are not synonyms don’t pretend they are.

Solution no 2

Tell Exxon they can have the lease if the can stop the leak in the next 72hrs.


Q: Why are more people protesting BP stations than volunteering to help with the clean up.

A: self evident

I have no respect for the people taking pictures of birds sitting in the sludge.  Get the bird, put him in the boat, and then take the picture.